Mar 10

What Would You Do? A Discussion On Ethics.

03/10/21 10:00am to 12:00pm

March is CPCU's Ethics Month! Our industry is constantly faced with ethical dilemmas, most evident in the balancing act between writing premium demanded by management, while also maintaining a profitable book of business. Do you cut some corners to qualify a submission that otherwise may not meet your company’s underwriting standards, but is submitted by your top producer? Do you pay an unrepresented claimant their demand when you know that the claim is likely worth more?

We’ll review and discuss a number of topical case studies that outline some of the daily ethical dilemmas we encounter. Many times, there is no “right” answer, but hearing how your industry associates address a problem may clarify your approach in the real life situations you will inevitably face.

The discussion will be facilitated by 2018 New York CPCU Chapter President, Steve Isenburg, with everyone’s contributions making for a rousing and interesting lunch discussion.