Archived Events


10/25/17 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Chapter Meeting
Join our esteemed panel of industry professionals as they share ideas and varied perspectives they have about diversity in the work place. Learn how diversity impacts the ability to make decisions, influences outcomes, and affects productivity. The panelist will also discuss how they promote...
09/07/17 5:15pm to 7:30pm
Local Event
Please join the New York Chapter of the CPCU Society and the Gamma Iota Sigma Alumni Association for an exciting and fun panel discussion of the intersection of Entertainment and Insurance. Our dynamic panel consists of multiple perspectives covering issues involving both Primary Insurance and...
07/20/17 5:45pm to 9:00pm
Social Event
Join us for our summer “Party by the Sea” with a 3-hour open bar and great food. It will be a fun, party ambiance with your great CPCU friends to celebrate summer next to Lady Liberty at the “Honorable William Wall”, the floating clubhouse of the Manhattan Yacht Club:...
06/22/17 11:30am to 1:45pm
Chapter Meeting
Each year in June, the NY Chapter recognizes the service of its Past Presidents. Past Presidents in attendance are introduced and those who have recently passed are memorialized. All Past Presidents since 1945 are listed annually in the Conferment Luncheon program. In addition, we will have a...
1 Hanover Square
New York,NY 10004
06/08/17 9:00am to 5:00pm
This full-day interactive program will give participants valuable insights into Insurtech strategies from the vantage points of venture capital, traditional insurance, start-ups, and consultants. The program is led by executives and commentators with interests in Insurtech, telematics, big...
Peter J. Tobin College of Business
101 Astor Place
New York,NY 10003